Drain Designs Franchising

Drain Designs Franchising The World’s Best Drainage Company Offers The World’s Best Construction Franchise Opportunity


Flexibility! Drainage problems generally aren’t as urgent like a leaky roof or a plumbing crisis. The problems have often persisted for years so our best Clients are patient and don’t mind waiting 2-3 weeks for a quote or 2-3 months to get they’re work done.

Fun and Fulfilling

Fun and Fulfilling! If you enjoy less time in front of a computer and more time working outdoors, helping people, problem solving & getting your hands dirty you’ll love Rainwater Management!  

Great Customers

Great Customers Our business is built to attract smart people who want it done right the first time, they have it together and are willing to pay a fair price.

Impeccable Reputation!

Impeccable Reputation! Our problem solving systems, methods and franchisees thrill customers and generate excellent reviews!

Little to no Competition

Little to no Competition Check your area for drainage contractors that offer credible lifetime guarantees. Clients often tell us that they could not find anyone else who offers the services that we do.

Maximum Opportunity!

Maximum Opportunity! Huge Market size!!  Every home and property benefits from better drainage and there’s always room for improvement. Drainage patterns constantly change so systems need to be adaptable. Smart drainage can double the healthy life of our homes and property.

Minimal Investment

Minimal Investment! We’ve created an opportunity where hardworking people can generate great money with a truck, a bucket of tools and a shovel.

Minimal Red Tape!

Minimal Red Tape! Most areas don’t require licenses, permits or inspections for most of the work we do. As a result there is little guidance in the Drainage Field so builders and landscapers have to wing it – which creates lots of opportunity for us.  

No Need for Free Estimates!

No Need for Free Estimates! On the initial visit, we test drainage, diagnose problems and create design options. This has far greater value than a free estimate.